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Welcome to The Alps4EU Knowledge Atlas

Alps4EU has an overall goal to study how clusters in participating regions can benefit from establishing mutual collaboration relationships and to support the creation of pilot meta-clustering initiatives for interested clusters.

The “Alps4EU Knowledge Atlas” is a collaborative tool (based on a wiki platform) built with the aim to provide a common framework to support cluster managers in the reciprocal learning of competencies available in each other's region and identify collaboration opportunities in view of launching specific collaboration projects or meta-cluster initiatives.

The Knowledge Atlas was designed having in mind the needs and requirements expressed by cluster managers, policy makers and other stakeholders in the Alpine Space Regions, that were the object of a specific investigation under the Alps4EU project.

By combining the simplicity of the wiki with the power of crowdsourcing, where a large number of actors (cluster managers above all) contribute to a shared goal, we are confident that such a tool will bring real added value and contribute to the creation of transnational innovation ecosystems and meta-clusters.

Each knowledge atlas section covers one specific topic, and maps resources that can be activated in the framework of a transnational cooperation. Four topics have been selected to test the concept, in collaboration with a group of clusters in the Alpine Space but the tool can be expanded to cover more more topics and more regions.

Access the Knowledge Atlas per Topic

Regional Directory


  • Resources for beta testers This section contains templates, manuals, etc. It will be removed at some point in the future before public release of the tool

NOTICE:The “knowledge atlas” is currently in the setup and test phase: information is being entered by partners of the Alps4EU project with the help of clusters in their regions. If you want to contribute, please contact your regional partner (see above).

Alps4eu is funded by the Alpine Space Programme 2007-2013 as part of the “European Territorial Cooperation”. For further information on the project, visit aslogo.jpg
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